Important Notes

1. vMPC2000XL currently only works well with US keyboard layout and locale.

2. vMPC2000XL is difficult to use and quite impractical. It is not meant to replace Battery or things like that. And there's still quite a few bugs and crashes. So I don't recommend using vMPC2000XL for professional purposes.

3. Plugin support is experimental. See compatibility matrix. Long story short, audio inputs are working fine in Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, with continuous monitoring in Reaper and not at all in Cubase.

4. Change log available here.


32/64bit installer (standalone) v0.2.0

VST3 32bit (requires standalone) v0.2.0

VST3 64bit (requires standalone) v0.2.0

If you experience missing DLL errors you are probably missing a Microsoft update which you can grab from here:



10.9+ installer (standalone) v0.2.0

AU (requires standalone) v0.2.0

VST3 (requires standalone) v0.2.0



The Linux binaries are a little bit more experimental than the Windows and MacOS ones. I've only tested them in Ubuntu 18.04 and Arch Linux. Because there's no installer, you're required to manually copy the vMPC directory from into your ~.

Executable (standalone) v0.1.4


Source Code

Github project (MPC static library, no executables, no GUI/audio implementation)

Github project (JUCE 2D implementation)

Github project (3D/VR implementation, Unreal Engine plugin, abandoned work in progress)

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