• Linux, MacOS and Windows support
  • Available as standalone applications and VST3/AU/LV2 plugins
  • Load/save most of the MPC2000XL file formats: APS, ALL, PGM, SND, MID, WAV
  • Raw USB volume (CF card) support with Akai FAT 16.3 filenames
  • Every screen and function tries to be 100% like the original
  • Multi-track direct-to-disk recording, a.ka. "bouncing", to WAV with offline rendering option
  • Basic MIDI in/out

VMPC2000XL does not

  • mimic the signal path, analog inputs/outputs so it doesn't make your samples sound "warm" or "dirty".
  • make it easy to create beats, manage sounds, etc. In fact, these things are all quite clumsy, but very much like the real 2000XL.
  • 100% mimic the digital per-voice filter. It contains an approximation which I tweaked by ear, so it's likely a setting on the 2000XL doesn't sound the same in the emulator.
  • emulate the optional EB16 FX board.