Big Update: v0.5

A lot of effort has gone into this update. VMPC2000XL is now quite stable and I encourage everyone to try it. Some highlights of this update are:

  • Documentation also available in PDF.
  • Help button that links to the online documentation.
  • Show all keyboard mappings when hovering over the keyboard button in the top-right.
  • Hold Alt/Option/Ctrl while hovering over a keyboard-controllable component to see its key.
  • Type names in the Name window via keyboard, pads and buttons.
  • Auxiliary LCD which can be opened by double-clicking the LCD.
  • Use your favorite MIDI controller with VMPC2000XL. Go to Shift + 0 for VMPC settings, set 'MIDI control mode' to 'VMPC' and press F5 to go to the MIDI tab. Use LEARN to create a controller preset. Your active preset will be auto-saved. To name and manage multiple presets, press OPEN WINDOW. Presets are stored in ~/Documents/VMPC2000XL/MidiControlPresets. Let me know which controller you use and I'll try to add it to VMPC2000XL's bundled presets. Currently the only bundled presets are for the Akai MPD218, Akai MPD16 and iRig PADS.
  • [macOS] Separate utility 'FAT16 Mount Blocker' to prevent macOS from corrupting your MPC2000XL CF cards and other media. Just start the app, and as long as it's running in the background it will mount all FAT16 volumes as read-only. Note that if you only use up to 8 characters for your sound names, there is no corruption and hence no need for this utility. If you use up to 16 characters, you should use this utility.
  • Many bug and crash fixes.

General Notes

For plugin support information check the compatibility matrix.

Change log available  here.

Windows 10

32/64-bit installer (standalone, VST3) v0.5.7

If you experience missing DLL errors you are probably missing a Microsoft update which you can grab from here:

On recent Windows 10 and 11 versions you may have to allow VMPC2000XL to access your Documents. After starting VMPC2000XL, you will see a notification if that is the case. Follow the instructions on this Microsoft page.


Windows 7

32/64-bit installer (standalone, VST3) v0.5.7



10.10+ installer (standalone, VST3 & AU) v0.5.7


Ubuntu 20 x86_64

These binaries were built on Ubuntu 20, but might work on other Linux distributions.

Standalone v0.5.7

LV2 v0.5.7

VST3 v0.5.7


Source Code

mpc (MPC static library, no executables, no GUI/audio implementation)

vmpc-juce (JUCE implementation of mpc)