General Notes

For plugin support information check the compatibility matrix.

Change log available  here.


32/64bit installer (standalone) v0.3.1

VST3 32bit (requires standalone) v0.3.1

VST3 64bit (requires standalone) v0.3.1

If you experience missing DLL errors you are probably missing a Microsoft update which you can grab from here:



10.9+ installer (standalone, VST3 & AU) v0.3.1


Ubuntu 18/20

The below Ubuntu binaries use ~/Documents/VMPC2000XL/Volumes/MPC2000XL for the virtual filesystem. That's where you place your samples, sequences, etc. No demo beats are currently included, but you can download some here.

Executable x64 (standalone) v0.3.1 (built on Ubuntu 18.04)

LV2 x64 v0.3.1 (built on Ubuntu 18.04)

VST3 x64 v0.3.1 (built on Ubuntu 18.04)

Executable arm64 (standalone) v0.3.1 (built on Ubuntu 20.04.2)

LV2 arm64 v0.3.1 (built on Ubuntu 20.04.2)


Source Code

mpc (MPC static library, no executables, no GUI/audio implementation)

vmpc-juce (JUCE 2D implementation)