Release Candidates

v0.4.0 Release Candidate 5

Highlights RC5

  • Fix bug when changing DRUM in MAIN screen

Highlights RC4

  • Fix bug when setting next sequence to below 1

Highlights RC3

  • Fix incorrect sound index assignment crashes when encountering missing SND/WAV files in APS/PGM files

Highlights RC2

  • Fix crash when loading ALL file with sysex/mixer events

Highlights RC1

  • Various fixes to custom file names when saving APS, ALL, etc.
  • Code clean-up of everything NameScreen related -- could introduce regressions -- testing will be highly appreciated

Highlights RC0

  • User guide at
  • MIDI in respects 16 levels
  • Display waveform of very short samples correctly
  • Show popup when trying to load unsupported/invalid SND/WAV
  • Numeric keys are clickable with the mouse
  • Data wheel, slider and rec gain/main volume knobs are mouse-wheel controllable
  • Self-contained, portable binaries with new file locations
  • Fix crash when receiving unassigned MIDI notes from external MIDI controller
  • Self-recovering demo beats (if you remove them, they will be restored anew)
  • Installers installs standalone and plugins

Read before downloading

These are experimental binaries. For testing purposes only.

It is recommended to remove any previously installed copies of VMPC2000XL. On Windows and MacOS you can do this with the installer.

Windows 32/64 bit

0.4.0-RC5 Standalone/VST3 32/64bit installer


MacOS Intel / M1

0.4.0-RC5 Standalone/AU/VST3 10.9+ installer


Ubuntu 20.04

Executable x64 (standalone) v0.4.0-RC5

LV2 x64 v0.4.0-RC5

VST3 x64 v0.4.0-RC5

Executable arm64 (standalone) v0.4.0-RC0

LV2 arm64 v0.4.0-RC0