Release Candidates

v0.5.0 Release Candidate 2

Huge shout-out to the contributors! For v0.5.0 I received a lot of user input. The new VMPC MIDI control mode, the improved MIDI sync output in the standalone version and the macOS utility for mounting FAT16 volumes as read-only so your 2KXL media don't get corrupted are all the result of users taking the time to report and discuss. Additionally someone on GitHub came with a great issue about MIDI clock output jitter, even providing a histogram clearly showing out-of-range deviations. All these contributions are awesome and I hope there are more to come.

Highlights RC2

  • Fix mapping change detection in VMPC MIDI screen.
  • Allow play / rec / overdub in mixer screens.
  • When you load a sound with a name that already exists (case insensitive) you have the option to rename or replace. The functionality of renaming was broken, and this is now fixed.
  • In TRIM screen St or End field didn't update if their values are the same. Fixed.
  • Updated documentation:

Highlights RC1

  • Fixed a display bug when using Punch.
  • The Change Bars screen was openable (by turning the DATA wheel on the Bars field in the MAIN screen) while playing. This is now blocked.
  • Added Akai MPD16 and IK iRig PADS to bundled MIDI controller presets
  • Restore the bundled MIDI control presets (currently only 3, for MPD218, MPD16 and iRig PADS) by removing them from ~/Documents/VMPC2000XL/MidiControlPresets and restarting VMPC2000XL.
  • v0.5.0-RC0 introduced a regression where occasional crashes happened when loading ALL files. This is now fixed.
  • The number pad labels have been redesigned to be more legible.
  • Sane default MIDI control preset. Notes 35 - 50 are mapped to pads 1 - 16.
  • Updated documentation:

Highlights RC0

  • Official Windows 7 32/64 bit support. No more need to email me for Windows 7.
  • openSUSE and Fedora packages.
  • Updated documentation. Now also available in PDF.
  • Use your favorite MIDI controller with VMPC2000XL. Go to Shift + 0 for VMPC settings, set 'MIDI control mode' to 'VMPC' and press F5 to go to the MIDI tab. Use LEARN to create a controller preset. Your active preset will be auto-saved. To name and manage multiple presets, press OPEN WINDOW. Presets are stored in ~/Documents/VMPC2000XL/MidiControlPresets. Let me know which controller you use and I'll try to add it to VMPC2000XL's bundled presets. Currently the only bundled preset is for the Akai MPD218.
  • Hold Alt/Option/Ctrl while hovering over a keyboard-controllable component to see its key.
  • iOS version is ready for early access. Send me an email and I'll add you to the TestFlight programme.
  • Songs are now persisted correctly.
  • You can now type names in the Name screen with your computer keyboard.
  • Standalone version now has a native window border. The "Options" button for Audio/MIDI Settings has been replaced by the gear icon in the top-right.
  • Resizable auxiliary LCD, for example to put on another monitor. Double-click it to open or close auxiliary display.
  • Auto-converting of WAVs is enabled by default.
  • Improved MIDI sync out accuracy in standalone.
  • Sync to incoming MIDI clock and transmit MIDI clock are enabled by default.
  • 'Master level' in 'Mixer setup' now actually affects volume.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements.
  • [macOS] Separate utility 'FAT16 Mount Blocker' to prevent macOS from corrupting your MPC2000XL CF cards and other media. Just start the app, and as long as it's running in the background it will mount all FAT16 volumes as read-only. Note that if you only use up to 8 characters for your sound names, there is no corruption and hence no need for this utility. If you use up to 16 characters, you should use this utility.

Read before downloading

These are experimental binaries. For testing purposes only. Overall a lot of work for the 0.5.0 release candidate has gone into eliminating crashes and other bugs, but because this is a release candidate it's possible you come across something I've overlooked. Just let me know and I'll try to fix it asap.

Windows 10 32/64 bit

0.5.0-RC2 Standalone/VST3 32/64bit installer


Windows 7 32/64 bit

0.5.0-RC2 Standalone/VST3 32/64bit installer



TestFlight version available on request.


MacOS Intel / M1

0.5.0-RC2 Standalone/AU/VST3 10.11+ installer

FAT16 Mount Blocker(for users of raw USB volume access)


Ubuntu 20.04

0.5.0-RC2 Standalone executable x86_64

0.5.0-RC2 LV2 x86_64

0.5.0-RC2 VST3 x86_64