Bugs & Features

The preferred way to submit bug reports and feature requests is via Github here: https://github.com/izzyreal/mpc/issues

If you don't have an account there and don't want to create one, you can send a report to the below email address.


Your bug report should contain the following information


Operating system: Windows 32 bit/Windows 64 bit/MacOS/Linux/etc.

VMPC2000XL version: Can be found in top-right of the user interface and in /Users/you/Documents/VMPC2000XL/vmpc.log

Steps to reproduce:

1. Write very

2. detailed steps

3. how to reproduce the issue

4. For example

5. Start VMPC2000XL and go to LOAD screen

6. Load a sound

7. Press Ctrl + ESC and the app crashes


There's a log file in /Users/you/Documents/VMPC2000XL/vmpc.log that you can attach to your email.

Screenshots or videos are helpful in some cases, but the most important part of your report is the "Steps to reproduce"!